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SequoiaDB has been listed in Gartner’s database reports in 2018

 2018-10-03  SequoiaDB

Recently, Gartner has released a series of 2018 database reports, including ‘Magic Quadrant’, ‘Database Core Competence’ and ‘Database Recommendation Report’. As a leading financial-level distributed transaction database product, SequoiaDB has been selected in Gartner’s reports for two years. In 2017, SequoiaDB was the first batch of Chinese database selected for the Gartner report. With Alibaba Cloud Database, SequoiaDB was the only two vendors which consecutively selected in Gartner.

Determinant: Recognition of Financial-level customers

Gartner is particularly valued for core application scenarios, where the application of the most technical-demanding, market-demanding, safety and supervision-demanding industries in large-scale banks is the only “touchstone” for database products.

In the past year, SequoiaDB has maintained innovation and rapid development. The technological leadership, financial-level stability, security and product market maturity of SequoiaDB has been highly recognized by the industry. SequoiaDB now has more than 1000 enterprise customers and community users. SequoiaDB has been deployed on core system of more than 50 major financial institutions, like banking, insurance and security clients of Fortune- 500 Level.

The current business scenarios of SequoiaDB include distributed core online transactions, distributed content management, and data mid-end, data lake, and cloud database platforms. These scenarios are actually deployed in the business of large commercial banks. The application types and technical requirements of many scenarios are even more strict than those of similar financial companies overseas.

Essential standard: Originality

More than 90% of the Gartner-reported databases are self-developed, which represents both the consideration for the sustainability of technology development and the important prerequisite for the commercialization of technology products.

Since the establishment in 2011, SequoiaDB has been insisting on developing an open-source distributed database engines from scratch. SequoiaDB has been recognized by the industry and the market, and it represents the "original power" in the field of basic software in China. SequoiaDB also vigorously develops the open-source technology community and builds an open source technology ecosystem.

FoundationArchitecture and Technical Innovation

In addition to financial users and scenarios, Gartner's judgment on the development of database technology and architecture is also the industry trend, which is the most fundamental factor in judging database products.

SequoiaDB is a distributed transaction database with technical dimensions including transactional NewSQL, distributed object storage and high-performance distributed NoSQL. The native distributed multimodel database engine also provides full coverage of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

In the SequoiaDB 3.0 release, SequoiaDB uses the same compute-storage separation architecture as AWS Aurora, which is the current mainstream architecture for distributed cloud databases. In addition, SequoiaDB also provides HTAP mixed transactions, analysis and processing, rapid implementation of flexible development of business applications, providing native remote disaster recovery. SequoiaDB have already implemented DR backup in different sites, meeting the DR requirement of five geo-distributed data centers cross three cities. SequoiaDB has also achieved active-active solution across data centers in different cities, which has realized  simultaneous data access in two data centers .

Appendix: 2018 Gartner DBMS list:

In 2018 DBMS Gartner report, the proportion of Chinese database has been increasing. Following the 2017 report of three database products in China, the total amount of database vendors reached five in 2018.

Vendor (Product)



Mountain View, California, U.S.

Alibaba Cloud

Hangzhou, China

Amazon Web Services

Seattle,Washington, U.S.

Citus Data

San Francisco, California, U.S.


Santa Clara, California, U.S. Document


Santa Clara, California, U.S.


Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.


Mountain View, California, U.S.

Hibernating Rhinos (RavenDB)

Hadera, Israel


Shenzhen, China


Armonk, New York, U.S.


Herzliya, Israel


Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.


Santa Clara, California, U.S.


Espoo, Finland and Menlo Park, California, U.S.


San Carlos, California, U.S.


Redmond, Washington, U.S.


New York City, U.S.


San Mateo, California, U.S.


Redwood Shores, California, U.S.

Redis Labs

Mountain View, California, U.S. Key value


Walldorf, Germany


Guangzhou, China

Splice Machine

San Francisco, California, U.S.

Tencent Cloud

Shenzhen, China


Seoul, South Korea

Transwarp Technology

Shanghai, China


Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

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